Clean Water Foundation

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Notwithstanding the above profit undertakings, we believe that access to quality education, safe drinking water and basic sanitation within rural set ups are particularly indispensable.
We recognize that there are limits to the ability of private sector-led for-profit investments to provide these developmentally-critical services.
In recognition of this, Geoscope Drilling Company Limited will each year contribute a fixed percentage of its gross fee income to community programs/projects that demonstrate particular efficacy in improving access to education, water and basic sanitation for the underprivileged. We favour those programs in which the commitment of the sponsors is demonstrable, where the project in question has the potential to be self-sustaining, and where results are measurable. Since its establishment Geoscope Drilling Company Limited has been working in collaboration with various local and international charities such as

Lifewater international
Blood Water Mission
Pangea Pods Funds
East Africa breweries Company (K)/Diageo PLC (UK)
Georg Fischer company in Schaffhausen
Swiss and AF Jochnicks foundation in Netherlands

to support increase of access to safe drinking water (drilling off grid boreholes and installing hand pumps, submersible pumps, and solar pumps {off grid energy use}) in schools, churches and among women groups. Geoscope Drilling Company Limited has been key partner in these initiatives through offering on ground project implementations (personnel and equipments) and cash contributions.
Through these collaborations we have drilled and equip over 180 water wells (for off grid water supply) and build several latrines in schools, which currently impact the lives of over 82,500 schools pupils and over 50,000 villagers.