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Borehole Prognosis

Geoscope Drilling Company Limited offer a full Borehole Prognosis service to assess whether your project is viable. Our team is widely experienced in assessing the relevant factors to ensure you don’t waste time and money.

What is a Borehole Prognosis?

Whether a borehole private water supply is viable depends on many geological, hydrogeological and water quality based factors.

Geoscope Drilling Company Limited has extensive experience in all of these within the company, but also retains the services of a hydrogeologist for consultation purposes, when we feel further independent opinion would be useful in determining the viability of any project.

In certain circumstances clients may prefer that an official report is provided giving further detail on the geology, hydrogeology, water quality, potential yield and borehole depth requirements likely to be encountered at a particular site.

What does the Service Entail?

For a small charge clients can obtain a report from one of the countries most eminent hydrogeologists to review prior to undertaking any further expenditure.

Subsequent detailed specifications and quotations can be made on the recommendations of the report by Geoscope Drilling Company Limited for client consideration and discussion.

Given our comprehensive body of data on ground conditions across the country compiled over the last three decades using our own drilling records, we recommend that clients discuss their project with us questing a report.