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Borehole CCTV Survey

A Borehole CCTV survey takes a down hole look at your new or existing borehole enabling you to see your borehole casing, geology and aquifer in real time. A mobile CCTV camera can be lowered into your borehole, to depths in excess of 300m and into water, enabling you to see the subsurface of your borehole, not only is this interesting for the geologist but extremely useful for the engineer; allowing them to spot problems and plan out potential fixes.We offer borehole cctv survey in Kenya.

Why Carry out Borehole CCTV Survey

  • Demonstrates the actual construction of your borehole, including the amount of casing installed and depth of the borehole.
  • Allows a hydrogeologist to see the underlying rock strata and where water is entering through fractures and fissures into the borehole.
  • Can give an idea on the quality of water in the borehole.
  • Periodic inspection gives the opportunity for an engineer to determine if the well construction is in good condition or well refurbishment is needed.
  • Gives a potential purchaser the opportunity to see the condition of the borehole or well that they are buying

. If a borehole has a problem the CCTV survey may identify where and what this is, has the borehole got an obstruction? What depth is this at and what is it? Making it much easier for the engineer to solve.

What’s the end result of a CCTV survey?

A full colour DVD recording of your down hole borehole survey is provided allowing you to review this in comfort and allowing an engineer time to consider any further requirements. A permanent historical record of the borehole is provided which can be added to periodically. Money and time can be saved by the knowledge that is provided by the borehole CCTV Survey.