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Who We Are

Geoscope Drilling Company Limited is an engineering services company with aim to provide safe, adequate and quality water supply in order to meet the growing demands of the population for clean drinking water.
We offer a complete service which covers all aspects of borehole design, drilling, groundwork, pump installation and any type of water treatment services. Through our wealth of experience we have trained and equipped a good number of individuals and companies in setting up their own quality drinking water, in Kenya and other East African Countries.
We offer a one-stop water well solution to their clients from survey to drilling to final installation and commissioning. Our vast experience in water well installations and our enviable customer service reputation has established us as one of the leading water well provider companies in Sub Saharan Africa
Geoscope Drilling Company Limited is also registered with the ministry of water and irrigation /Water resources management authority and National Construction Authority as a drilling contractor and as has implemented well over 180 water and sanitation projects of all scopes including borehole drilling/equipping, test pumping, laying of water pipes, constructing water pans, dams, towers/kiosks, installing water meters and training technical and managerial staff.

We are Licensed by NEMA,NCA and Ministry of Water and Irrigation.We are an NCA accredited contractor in Kenya.

Our Mandate

Geoscope Drilling Company Limited basic mandate covers provision of clean water. The services include
a) Water Well (drilling) Design and Installation
b) Hydro-Geological Services
c) Well pump Testing
d) Well Rehabilitation
e) Pump Service and Installation
f) Water System Piping and Controls